Hey I’m Abhinav. I am a AI Scientist at ASUS-AICS. I work on Natural Language Processing and I am particularly interested in processing clinical notes.

“Let me try my hand at machine learning” started my exploration on the subject during my Masters. I stayed in college for my PhD. I was advised by Prof Min-Yen Kan and we worked on understanding text originating from differents sources and not just mainstream media. I now focus on help machines understand clinical notes and other text written by clinicians and doctors as a scientist in Singapore.

I started as a web developer after my graduation in Bangalore. Developing websites and web in general still excites me. Apart from training machines to learn about human languages, I enjoy playing my guitar and singing. I also sketch in my spare time.

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Understanding Dataset Difficulty

MAUVE - Measuring the Gap Between Neural text and Human Text using Divergence Frontiers

Publicly Shareable Clinical Large Language model Built on Synthetic Clinical Notes

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Thanks to Reza Arkan for inspiring me to create my website using Notion. I made this website using Notion And Fruition. Give it a try.

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